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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 22, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> chaos in canada, as gunfire erupts inside parliament. one gunman is dead but police won't rule out other suspects still on the loose right now. we're live with the developments first at 4. secret tapes sthoen an entire football team, now a substitute teacher under arrest in northeast washington for abusing a student athlete. mark segraves broke the story first at 4:00. >> good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. we begin with breaking news. >> i'm pat lawson, first a tragic number of shootings in iowa. >> lawmakers are still piecing together what happened. we do know a gunman shot and killed a soldier standing guard at a war memorial and at least 30 shots were fired inside the canadian parliament.
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the u.s. embassy nearby immediately went into lockdown. live at the white house with the very latest, steve handelsman. >> reporter: good evening from here at the white house today. president obama telephoned canadian prime minister stephen harper to offer solidarity and help to find out about the terror in the attacks in ottawa. >> reporter: the attack in canada began with the killing of a soldier at the war memorial by a witness with long hair and his face covered. >> there was a guy with a rifle just around on the back corner and just pow, pow. >> reporter: then seen and heard on this phone video, the gunman ran into the parliament building where lawmakers and stephen harper and lawmakers were at work. there was furious firing.
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the gunman was shot dead reportedly by parliament sergeant-at-arms kevin vickers. police fanned out to find out how many buildinmight be part o attack. two soldiers run down and killed by a suspect said to have ties to isis. >> canada sent six warplanes to help bomb isis in iraq. and today's attack looks like retaliatio retaliation. >> these are iconic government targets isis has been pushing people to attack. >> reporter: an estimated 80 of people with passport returned home and those in canada and the u.s. may now sympathize with isis, a possible factor in the parliament fact. >> the circumstances around today's tragic event in canada
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is still unknown. that is a concern the united states has been focused on quite some time. >> reporter: back in ottawa, police ordered people to stay off streets and stay behind locked doers and windows? we're in the active investigation right now. >> reporter: police are fearful one or more terroristses were laos in canada's capital. >> reporter: security is not visibly tighter here at the white house or capitol hill, but they are anxious to know if islamic jihad was in any way responsible for the attacks in ottawa. steve handelsman reporting. >> we do understand there is stepped up security across the river in virginia. >> reporter: right, jim, over at the tomb of the unknowns when you think about it is the american analog to a war memorial where the soldier was killed today, the attack of the soldier and entry of the
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parliament building, that occurred in the canadian version, if you will, of their tomb of the unknowns. out of abundance of caution, with no knowledge of u.s. security officials there is any particular threat to the u.s. or this involved islamic terror in any way they have stepped up patrols in an unspecified way at the tomb of triver at the tomb unknown unknowns. >> we'll cover every aspect of this story. get the latest at a 22-year-old substitute teacher in the district charged with sex abuse. >> a 17-year-old claimed she had sex with him in the classroom. more on the accusation, mark. >> reporter: pat, that teacher is expected to appear before a
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judge any minute now. these documents has rocked this school in washington. it happened friday at options public charter school. it was the teacher's first day on the job. by the sect period, the teacher and the student were texting each other about having sex. before the day was over the student came back to the classroom and asked the teach tore perform oral sex on him the same number of times that coacheded to his team jersey number. he videotaped this encounter and then shared that video with other members of the football team. when the school found out about this a few days later, they called police an started an investigation and arrested the woman at her parents' home in fort washington, maryland yesterday. this 22-year-old charged with having sex with a minor. even though the young man is 17 years old. d.c. law says there's a special
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relationship between teachers and students she's charged with having sex. mark segraves, news4. >> we have had nasty weather but there is a big change on the way. >> yes. it's been wet and nasty, people complaining about not just how cool but how low the temperatures are today. and off the coast of delaware right now, as we said yesterday, we would get quite a bit of rain and wind. and from northeast to southwest, we're starting to see the shower activity break up. a few hours from this wet weather, the heaviest south of fredericksburg and wet roads for the evening rush. the rain ending around sunset as
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the winds start to pick up. 57 degrees is it for a temperature. when i return, i will show you what you can expect weather-wise and temperature-wise in the next 24 hours. >> thanks. he's a tough guy on the ice and off the ice, he is a budding children's book arthur. and he reveals his softer side and what he wants children to learn from his new book. adam tuss got a close look at miscommunications and missed steps in the wake of a cracked rail on the red line. here what
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back off. >> a trucker who failed to check for chains before crossing the track causing an accident and explosion in rosedale, maryland. that's the finding of investigators. the accident happened in may of last year and 17 injured and 15 rail car des railed. the trucker was using a hands-free cell phone at the time. officials recommend banning all cell phone use by commercial
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drivers when they're behind the wheel. news on what caused a massive delay for riders at one of metro's busy ieiest stations. there was a recent response to a cracked rail on the red line. the rail snapped near the dupont circle station in the morning rush last month. metro tells us it took key personnel 40 minutes to get to the scene because they were stuck in traffic. the general manager spoke to our communication reporter, adam tuss. >> 41 minutes is a little late. you would like to see it quicker than that? >> i would like to see it be as quick as possible on that. that's the most critical aspect of all of this, we need to be able to get people to the scene as quickly as we can. >> we'll have much more coming up tonight at 5:00, including what caused the rail to break in
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the first place. >> don't forget to put the gas pump back. gas pumps at prince george's station are closed after one caught fire. a driver tried to pull out of the gas station in laurel with the gas nozzle in the tank and that started a fire that charred most of the pump, lying on its side. no one was injured. the convenience store attached to the station is still open. the u.s. is stepping up vigilance against ebola. new travel restrictions. how washington forward, eric f fehr
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no secret professional hockey can be a rough sport but a washington caps player is working to make sure kids take a
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different approach on the playground. >> eric fehr co-wrote a book on bullying. part of our changing minds series. >> reporter: capitals forward eric fehr is a fierce competitor in the ring but outside he is known for friendship and kindness? there's rough stuff going on. that's part of our game and not the way it is supposed to be at school. >> reporter: fehr is a co-awe shore of bo dozier and turns him into a mean machine and bullies his classmates and hurts them along the way. >> a lot of times they think they're playing around and don't realize how serious it is on the other end. sometimes to have an understanding sometimes it hurts
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people and they're going home upset, maybe it will change their point of view. >> according to the department of family services say more than 30% are bullying and it stops in 10 seconds when someone intervenes. >> kids are scared to go to school. i think that's terrible. >> reporter: fehr believes it starts as a conversation starter and parents can see if their child is bullying or being a bully. >> just help them with their homework or take them to practice. >> reporter: in the book, bo realizes the error of his ways and the value of friendship and team work. reading "fehr's story is an
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important step in the right direction. t >> they need to taunderstand ea other and i think that will help. >> money from sales will benefit play works d.c. improve iing children in empathy and inclusiveness. >> you can find a wealth of helpful resources, just search for "changing minds." >> what do we have after all this rain? >> the winds will start to pick up. we have a little bit of rain for the afternoon. for the evening hours, it will be ramping up a little while and stay with us a while. umbrellas turned inside-out. makes a hassle when you're already walking around in nasty
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weather. that wind will take down leaves, which means more slick spots on area roads. the forecast has been cool, temperatures in the 50s, upper 50s, from 59 to 57 degrees. rain will be coming to an end. that's awfully nice. showing you showers in the beltway, especially western beltway and springfield moving southeast to southwest and more rain for quantico and remington and areas of 17. look at this. it's really waning, starting to break up. and in delaware and new jersey. we did pick up quite a bit. a quarter to half-inch of rain and there were areas around wellington and lawyer well they
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picked up about an inch of rainfall today. it's overcast. even though the rain is moving out, mostly cloudy sky will be staking around. tomorrow morning j it will be windy and chill hi. the wind gusts 20-25 miles an hour and we will see it pick up during the afternoon again with over 30 miles an hour winds with more clouds from the storm system pulling away and clouds rotating around us. a better day coming our way by the end of the week. high temperature around 60 degrees and frederick and mt. erie and loudon county and manassas, high, 61. it will feel a bit better than today. trapped in the 60s. 62 in waldorf. that comes with some wind. here's a look at your 4-day forecast. we push it to 66 on friday. drier conditions by the end of
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the week. remember this last weekend we had a weather front move through. high of 68 on saturday and sunday the front moves through, and high of 65, not the extreme drop we had last weekend. it will allow breezy conditions and remember the marathon? we will have that coming up in the newscast. >> the interaction of doom. we will take you to arlington to see the dangerous mix of cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. the government calling it an urgent warning for drivers. i'll tell
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it's dramatic video of a crash in pennsylvania. check out the moment of impact. >> it happened earlier this week in uniontown when two deliverymen noticed an erratic driver and watched it cross the double lines a couple times and passed over a hill and it veered to the left into another vehicle that slammed head-on into to the
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box truck. luckily no one was injured. it's often called the "intersection of doom." >> traffic are now out with full enforcement at peak rush hours. people who live and work in this area want much more to be done. >> reporter: it's already a dangerous mix of pedestrians and bicyclers and commuters and add in a rainy morning and what's called "the intersection of doom" becomes all too real. >> they have to wait and sometimes they don't and i end up sometimes getting hit. >> reporter: a busy bike trail nearby sets up a collision course for accidents. >> i can't count the number of time times -- unless it completely
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changes it won't help anything. >> it's always backed up with traffic for sure. sometimes take the bus over the bridge and sometimes the traffic is all the way back here just to turn into georgetown. >> reporter: now, you can see arlington county traffic officers at trouble spots at the, of north highway and north lynn street and where north lynn intersects with wilson. two major construction projects in this area add to the problem in this very busy area. >> reporter: what do you think about the cops out here to make things safer for you guys? >> anything to make me safer is good. >> officers say their job is to make it safer and direct the traffic. their presence encouraging some to follow the rules of the road. >> the solution is a bike bridge but nobody is going to pay for
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that. >> reporter: we can tell you bike bridge is at least being studied as part of a long range reconfiguration as port of the highway. the goal is to better separate vehicle traffic from pedestrians an bicyclists. it's a $5 million construction plan and the goal is to start by fall of 2015. in arlington, news4. the government is putting new restrictions on travelers as fears over the spread of ebola shows no signs of slowing down. what's required of you now. what's required of you now. where police officers are
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it.
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good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> welcome back to 4:30. i'm jim handly. it is the first day on the job for the nation's so-called ebola z czar. >> we already have news to report. the cdc is tightening entering of anybody liberia, sierra leone
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and gunnew giuineguinea. >> starting today, travelers from gun guinea, sierra leone and liberia to make sure they're not carrying the virus. this comes on the same day cameraman mukpo was released from the nebraska medical center after being declared disease-fre disease-free. in medicine, there's nothing greater, no greater reward than to take a patient with a serious illness and make them better. we've done that. >> reporter: diagnosed with the virus while working for nbc news in liberia, he offered thanks for his doctors and prayer for people in west africa and offered support for the two
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dallas nurses suffering from the disease. nina pham was upgraded and co-worker amber vinson was said to be responding well to her treermt in atlanta. it's encouraging news to the nation's new ebola czar on the first day of his job. his first order of business was a meeting with president obama and other key players in the fight against ebola. brian moore, nbc news, washington. for all the stories we're fooling about the virus including how it's impacting people in our region, head to and search ebola. we are following the latest developments after a deadly attack in canada's capital city today. wendy has the latest. >> there are more precautions taking place. stepped up security at the tomb of the unknown soldier in washington cemetery, coming after a chaotic day when a man
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dressed in all black shot and killed a soldier standing guard at that country's war memorial and ran into the parliament building firing up off to 30 rounds. that gunman is dead and authorities aren't saying how he died. tai are saying it is too early to tell if this attack was an act of terrorism. president obama did speak to prime minist cancan cana canada's prime m a offered support. new revelation that unarmed attorneying michael brown shot and killed in ferguson, missouri. two experts have seen a leafed copy of brown's official autopsy. they show they show brown and officer wilson struggled inside the suv back in august and in that confrontation, brown was shot once in the hand. they also told the st. louis dispatch the wounds suggest
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brown may have reached for the officer's gun. brown was shot again and killed outside the vehicle. >> stepped up search efforts ain arlington, shooting this video near the site where human remains were recovered over the weekend. police still haven't said whether they are the remains of missing uva student, hannah graham. today, uva police and deputies from spotsylvania combed through the heavy brush blinding the road. they're looking for clothing and other personal items. joining us at 5:00, details of a separate search involving abducti abduction suspect, jesse matthews. breaking bad action figures armed with bags of cash and midwe meth. how one mom took on toys or us and now declaring victory. first, she lost her husband,
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john f. kennedy and then bobby kennedy was murdered. how did jackie kennedy cope with the emotional trauma. new revelations about her struggle to survive. we have a few showers hanging on. but it can stay there for a couple of days. coming up. windy. we'll tell you how
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we want to hear from you about the stories that you're talking about today first at 4. >> follow us on facebook and twitter. toys "r" us is taking its breaking bad collectible dolls off the market. it's based on the mega hit series about walter white, a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a crystal meth dealer along with his student.
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a florida mother says the toys violate the store's family friendly values and launched an online protest. toys "r" us noted they were sold in the adults toy section but agreed to stop spine anding them. bryan cranston sent a tweet, i'm so mad i am burning my florida mom action figure in protest. end quote. >> target is breaking out a first ever perk this afternoon as holiday shopping kicks into high gear. the retailer is offering freeshfree shipping on all online purchases. the free shipping offer makes target more competitive with other online retailers like amazon and ebay. no one likes sitting in traffic but it's become a part of everyday life for many of us in the washington region.
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now, we're learning how much it's costing us in time and money. our traffic reporter takes a look at the result os of a new study. >> reporter: every morning i'm here to tell you about all the traffic problems in our area. we all know those traffic issues test our patience but they're although impacting our pocketbooks. between lost productivity and gas, americans wasted $124 billion sitting in traffic last year alone. that's about $1700 for the average household. things are going to get worse if we don't do something about it, they say. households could spent more than $2300 a year by 2030. what can we do? researchers suggest connecting real-time traffic data to car navigation systems and get us to our destinations quickly and public transportation and getting people to use it is also at the top of the list. back to you. they're supposed to keep you
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safe. now, 7.8 million drivers are at risk, due to an airbag danger. i'm
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welcome back, everybody to news4 at 4. we have reporters and anchors standing by now with new stories first at 4, erika gonzalez, wendy rieger, doug johnson and doug kammerer. >> the airbag recall is growing. it's all considered potentially dangerous. >> erica gonzalez has more on how you should respond to this safety concern. >> you can't miss it and numbers don't lie. this is a massive recall.
4:45 pm
7.8 million vehicles impacted. safety advocates say at least four deaths are a result of these airbag problems. more than 50 makes and models, from gm, honda, toyota, bmw, chrysler, ford, nissan, anybody mitsubishi and subaru. >> the airbag inflators can cause the airbags to rupture causing metal fragments to deploy out of the airbags. instead of keeping you safe, they could potentially put you at a greater safety risk? >> can they deploy only on an accident or on their own? >> we haven't really seen. what we're seeing is there have already been four deaths associated with this. the dealerships are asking you to not wait for the mail, head
4:46 pm
to the dealerships as soon as possible. >> that's what you do if you have an airbag in question. >> we tried to check safer c today where people wan find if their car is part of this recall. they're having network issues if you're having trouble. we have other good news. two other ways to check this, head to our website, you can search airbag and you will get the full list of all those recalls. search for my twitter handled, erika with a "k." i just tweeted it out. you have all that information. you can go to the site of your car manufacturer, type in your vin number and see if your car is affected in that way. jim. >> thanks very much. i just re-tweeted you out. >> thank you. >> if this is your car on the list, head to the dealership
4:47 pm
immediately. don't wait for the mail and get it fixed. >> thanks. i appreciate it. >> turning to the weather, veronica, we have the rain and wind coming. >> the rain is heading out of here. the wind is going to continue to ramp up around our area. that could cause impacts on area roads if you're driving or around the house. if you're taking the dog out, the rain comes to an end around sunset, albeit better but cool, 57 degrees and then later at 11:00 p.m., 54 degrees. even though the rain is moving out of here, you can see what's left in prince charles county and quantico and fredericksburg and to the north montgomery county, leesburg dry right now.
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winds have gone to 20-25 miles an hour in the last few hours this afternoon, gusting to 24, manassas, right now. as we move throughout the day tomorrow, it will still be windy. gusts still over 30 miles an hour, from north to south maryland down towards virginia. fredericksburg still gusting to 30 throughout the day tomorrow. cool for your impact forecast. if you're walking, you need a jacket. starts at 51. limited sunshine and mostly cloudy day. high temperature just 64 degrees. hold on because the trend the next few days will be faring a bit better, er, doug? >> yes. not just into next week but we're talking about warmer temperatures going cool, the nor'easter bringing rain and much cooler temperatures not just for us but across the midwest. by this weekend we start to see
4:49 pm
a change. that cooler weather starts back to the west and we get into nice warmer weather. not just talking mild, we're talking warm as temperatures could average 10 degrees above normal. much more about those numbers at 5:15. >> thanks very much. from 63 to windy again tomorrow to 68 degrees on saturday. a lot of folks have been asking about the aids walk, what they can expect. high temperature, 68 degrees. by afternoon it will get breezy. all in all, fair pretty nice saturday for the aids walk. sunday, marine corps marathon, 68 degrees. the front comes through saturday night and sunday and partly cloudy clouds and sunshine throughout the afternoon tomorrow. low to mid-70s tuesday and wednesday. we'll talk more about the impact this wind could have on your day tomorrow. >> thanks, veronica. we'll keep you up to date.
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you can also download the forecast on your smartphone for frequent updates. a terror attack in canada after at least one gunman opens fire inside parliament. the prime minister is safe. just ahead, krchristine welker joins us live at the white house with how local officials are keeping us safe at home. a 22-year-old teacher in the district accused of having sex with a student in the classroom. wendy. >> we just learned that teacher plead not guilty to first degree sexual assault against a minor. the judge released her until the first court date and ordered her to stay away from the student. 22-year-old symone greene was working at option charter school last friday when she first met the student, a 17-year-old football player. the student says he flirted with greene and later that same day, he went back to her classroom
4:51 pm
where she allegedly performed oral sex behind the teacher's desk. although the age of consent in the district is 16, greene was charged because she's the southeasterlyi teenager's teacher. age of consent laws do not apply to a teacher-student relationship. mark segraves has more on this story at 5:00. raking through leaves, looking into creeks, we will show you exactly what crews were looking for when human remains looking for how can i avoidins maintenance fees?
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a new focus on homelessness this afternoon led by singer-actress cyndi lauper, and with people who once lived on
4:55 pm
the streets joined forces. the data comes from washington and 10 other cities. the study finds more than half of homeless youth are asked to leave by parents and caregivers. 30% lgbt, 60% victims of crime and more than half said they can't get into shelters because they were full. >> you can't have kids on the streets and throw them away because off who they are. the lbgt kids are sometimes turned away from the shelters. we're trying to change that. >> the number of homeless in the schools continue to grow. virginia has 18 thousand maryland, nearly 17,000. >> much has been written about jackie kennedy, the former first lady and fashion i ccon. a new book says she suffered from post traumatic stress
4:56 pm
disorder following the fateful day in dallas and at one point she even thought of taking her own life. >> reporter: jackie kennedy spent her life in the public eye, her face a favorite for fwra photographers, from the time as a young wife of a politician. to a life overseas married to a greek shipping tycoon. to her time spent in new york as a book editor and philanthropist, all seemingly documented for the world to see. according to a new book behind that smile was a haunted soul. that inner struggle was the subject of jacqueline bouvier kennedy onassis. >> she wanted an unpredictable life and she certainly got that with jack kennedy. >> reporter: behind the storybook marriage there was illness, infidelity and political pressure and jackie tried to save her marriage by showing her worth during his
4:57 pm
re-election bid. >> the day in dallas, he told her, you played so well in texas, will you campaign in california with me in two weeks. jackie knew what that meant and she said yes. >> reporter: the assassination stunned the world. for jackie, it was devastating. >> her husband's head was inches from her face. she was looking into his face when the gunshot blew his head apart. >> reporter: in public, jackie was the model of grace. in private, the book says jackie was frozen in the moment retelling every part of the death of her husband's death to friends and family and even mentioned thoughts of suicide. at the time, ptsd was not recognized. >> if you have ptsd, you were constantly waiting for the next attack, when is it coming, in a state of arousal waiting for the next gunshot.
4:58 pm
it's a hideous way to li. by the time bobby kennedy was killed, jackie was completely numb in a trans. >> reporter: she found her way by marriage to aristotle onassis and after he died with the help of a psychiatrist she started gaining control of her fears and lif life. >> somebody asked her what was your best accomplishment and i thought he said renovating a house in paris or something like that, she answered, i kept my sanity. >> it can affect health at any time. for hope visit our website and search for stories related to the nbc4 changing minds special series. right now at 5:00, a burst of gunfire, a gunman and soldier dead after shootings in canada's
4:59 pm
capital. this is impacting security in our area. >> a substitute teacher accused of having sex with a student on her first day at school. the encounters were allegedly well documented. as the search widens in the search for uva student hannah graham, another young woman is speaking out. >> for a brief second your heart leaps thinking could it be alexis? on 4 tonight at 5:00. a local teacher arrested after a student says he videotaped himself having sex with her. >> the 17-year-old says this happened in a classroom. mark segraves is live outside the superior court where the teacher was just released until her next court date. >> reporter: that's right. symone greene, 22 years old, just made her first appearance before the d.c. superior court judge. she was shaking and at times crying. both her parents were in the
5:00 pm
audience watching this arraignment where she told the judge, she's not guilty. it happened in a second floor classroom here at options public charter school in the district while school was still in session. court documents showed 22-year-old simone greymone gre substitute teacher met the student on her first day at work. within hours of that same day, the two were texting each other. the student asked her if she was kinking. she teacher replied by texting i don't tell, i show. >> the student returned after school to ask her to perform oral sex on him the same number of times of his football jersey number. the student secretly videotaped it and showed the football team. when the school became aware, they called police. and the student agreed to text


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